Vinyl Repairs in Melbourne

14/11/2017 – 170 views

BTM floorworx are specialist in Carpet Repairs Melbourne and vinyl repair and laying. Just like carpet, vinyl repairs Melbourne can sometimes become loose. This is not only unattractive, it presents a huge hazard because it is easy for someone to trip over it and fall. The vinyl can be stretched so that it is tight, making it look as though brand new vinyl has been installed. Typically, it is handled in much the same way as carpet. Professionals use specialized tools to stretch the vinyl out and then secure it to the baseboards. If necessary, they can always trim the excess vinyl at the edges. The point is, if you have carpet or vinyl that has been damaged or that simply needs to be restretched, it is time to call a reputable company to handle the problem right away. If you are in need of Vinyl Flooring Melbourne or Vinyl Repairs Melbourne Call us at 1300 234 274

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